Terms and Conditions

The following is the code of conduct for everyone on the Omega Games Discord Server and Website:

Ω Don’t Be Evil — Absolutely no harassment, threatening, bullying, racism, sexism, trolling emojis, flaming, unsafe or offensive content, etc.

Ω No Speculation — We find discussions of speculative topics like “investment”, “ROI”, or other trading-talk to be unrelated to Omega Games. They distract from our central mission to empower gamers.

Ω No FUD — “Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt”. We understand not everyone has the same viewpoint and we may not always agree, but please share your opinions respectfully and don’t camp on an issue. Any active or passive-aggressive attempts to disseminate negative, dubious, or defamatory messages are subject to moderation.

Ω No Spamming — No mass unsolicited direct messaging or repeating the same post in the same or multiple channels. Ω No Advertising — We want to see your creative works, but advertising without Omega’s consent (that includes posting referral links and server invites) is not allowed. Links to content that is not affiliated with Gala may be removed.

Ω No NSFW content

Ω No Offensive Profiles — Omega Games Mods or Staff may request that you change your server name or profile photo if deemed inappropriate or unsafe. We will attempt to notify you but may change your name or remove you from the server at our discretion.

Ω No Political/Religious Discussions — We respect your opinions and beliefs, but please take political and religious discussions elsewhere. Warnings and Escalation — If you are found breaking or getting close to breaking any of the rules stated above, Moderators will give you ONE warning. After this warning you may be timed out from the server for up to 24 hours. Following timeouts for repeat violations may increase in duration and ultimately result in a ban.

Ω Moderators also reserve the right to insta-timeout or insta-ban without warning at their discretion, and have the final say in all issues except where overruled by Omega. if you are arguing with a moderator, rule of thumb is you’re probably wrong. Please refer to rule #1. If you have a complaint against any moderator in the server, please reach out to a @Moderator . Note on Personal Statements from Team Members: Omega Games is an evolving and growing project, and there may be instances when team members will make conversational statements about their hopes for the development plans or future of the project in conversation with community members in Discord. These individual personal statements are not to be construed as official announcements of development progress, timelines, or future plans. Please see game-updates for official news and announcements, as well as the Omega Games social media accounts. SECURITY Team Members will NEVER DM FIRST: As a reminder, team members will NEVER send you a Direct Message first. We will always ask you to send us a message first. If you have someone pretending to be a team member please report it in #deleted-channel immediately! Thank you for helping keep our Discord safe! The Omega Games Customer Support team will NEVER ask for login information, private keys, or mnemonic (12-word) seed phrases at any point. Support will consider the account compromised if this information is sent within a ticket request. To gain access to all channels please react with a thumbs up emoji on Discord, by doing so you agree to abide by all rules and the Omega Games Terms and Conditions laid out at https://playomega.games/privacy-policy/