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Each of our partnerships is a unique conversation to develop our relationship. We offer many creative opportunities to position your business in front of our exclusive community. These opportunities may include:

Employment and Hiring
Exclusive Branding
Marketing and Positioning
Discounts and Rewards

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Omega Games NFTs

As a member of the Omega Games Community you will receive a complimentary Omega Games Member NFT! If you would like to purchase additional NFTs or customize your NFT with your name or any other information, Omega will help you design and create an NFT showcasing your membership that is unique to you! What better way to show off your membership!

Here’s how to claim your Omega Club pass and gain access to a preferred server:

Ω Either purchase the Omega Club pas NFT or purchase a membership through the Omega Games website

Ω If you purchase the NFT, you will simply need to send the Address from Solscan to a @Moderator of the specific channel

Ω If you purchase the online subscription and not the NFT, then you will just verify your order number with a @Moderator

Ω Once verified, the @Moderator will ensure access to the channel level you have purchased

Ω Please understand that Mods will do their best to give you immediate access and we are working on connecting Discord with specific DAO’s for each channel that can be verified immediately to enhance the community experience

Ω Remember, your membership is not transferrable and while you can sell your NFT only the original membership holder ID will be honored

Ω All rules that apply to the Omega Server apply in server as well. Please reference Rules-Reminders for questions

Ω We can’t wait to see you in there!